Guest DJs: Cool new Plexamp Feature

I use Plexamp to stream music from my music library.

Plex does sonic analysis of music files and can find tracks that sound alike.


This is a useful feature on its own but now Plexamp takes it to another level. You can select one of several DJ modes. The DJ then inserts tracks it chooses into the playlist based on that particular DJs specialty.


For example one DJ will insert the most similar track to play next. Another inserts several similar tracks creating a short “sonic adventure”. Another keeps the mood of the current track going. There are also several other DJs to check out.


This works really well to help you keep the music flowing much like, well, a DJ might. Very cool. If you have not checked out Plex and Plexamp app recently it may be worth doing. Marvelous features that help one better explore the music one enjoys.