Grounding cable gauge size

For those of you using external grounding source devices, units such as Entreq, Nordost, Synergistic, etc. What size wire gauge seems to work the best?



I'm expecting today some 16 ga .999 silver wire that I ordered thru Amazon to try.

BTW, drpie,which wire is the more subtle?


Just connected up the new .999 16 ga silver wire. I used no connectors. Made a loop at one end to go over the outside of an unused RCA and then used an RCA cap to keep it in place. At the other end into the Entreq I made the wire end into an arrow shape that then went inside the banana terminal.

Thus far, I think I hit the right gauge/wire.

What this type of grounding does is it creates a more solid stable image. Delicate nuances that once were buried in the music become more apparent.




By my own ear, I chose:

VH Audio UniCrystal™ 5N OCC SILVER 24AWG, Duelund 1.0 5N Silver, Neotech STDST-24 Silver 24AWG and SR HD.

The copper wires didn't work for me

Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to think that I was the only one using this type of grounding.

BTW, the silver 3 foot 16 ga .999 wire cost me $21 including shipping. Compared to the $1600 for the Entreq Atlantis.


I use a Nordost QB4 with both QV2 and QK1 plugged into the two outside receptacles. I use the QB4 only for whichever power amp I’m using, only one plugged in at a time. When I first picked up the QB4 I did not use the ground post at first but later made up my own cable using what an Electrician would use, No. 10 insulated ground cable I picked up at the HomeDepot. On the QB4 side I picked up an AudioQuest gold plated speaker spade and on the other end of the ground wire connects outside to an 8’ buried ground rod. I’m not saying the difference is drastic but it is there being with using the ground the noise floor is lower and especially on my Pass amp it really opens up and with a sense of you’re more there and not listening to a HiFi. I needed a 20’ of cable which one from Nordost would be probably more than I’d want to spend. Very happy with the cable I built for less than $50, plus the grounding rod and clamp.


All my other components go through a PS Audio P10 on its own dedicated circuit. The Nordost is on its own circuit which I only use for my power amp, either a Pass or a Cary.