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Need recommendation for hi-rez xlr plugs for re-termination project
I experimented with RCA and XLR top connectors on Valhalla cables. In my ears, it greatly affects the sound. My choice was #1 Bocchino and #2 Acoustic Revive. Furutech and WBT were simpler.  
Grounding cable gauge size
I made order of components for DIY Ground Boxes. I would like to see comments from experienced users.  Maybe something is superfluous or missing? Not sure about using a magnetic mat. Has anyone tested its effect? … Oak box 6,6"x8,5"x4,6" Entr... 
Crossover Transducer, Loud Speaker Purifiers do they work? Have you used them?
SteinMusic Speaker Matches Plus works with my B&W 800D2 with a noticeable improvement.  
Grounding cable gauge size
Ozzi, By my own ear, I chose: VH Audio UniCrystal™ 5N OCC SILVER 24AWG, Duelund 1.0 5N Silver, Neotech STDST-24 Silver 24AWG and SR HD. The copper wires didn't work for me  
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
For information: I have PS Audio P10 and P5 240V. Both had 3.15A stock fuses.  
Grounding cable gauge size
I compared the AWG effect in my system with the silver wires of VH Audio and Duelund (SR SX ground). The more subtle worked better.  
Bybee Speaker Bullets?
Question to Bybee Speaker Kit users. Did you add them at the input to the crossover or to each emitter?  
Super tweeters, are they worthwile?
Does anyone have experience comparing Supertweeters with SteinMusic Harmonizer, SR HFT, Bybee ARN? The listed products work perfectly in my system and I'm thinking about how to make an additional improvement.  
Quantum Science Audio Thread
@glory  Which outlet did you change to red? Have you tried a fuse for a dedicated line?  
Have you heard or own the Shakti Hallograph
How do Shakti Hallograph work for you today? I use SteinMusic Harmonizer, Bybee ARN, SR HFT with a big improvement. Do I need to try Hallograph?  
Townshend Maximum Supertweeters
@millercarbon  I just didn't see them in your system))  What cables do you use with superwitters? Do the stands affect their performance?  
Townshend Maximum Supertweeters
@millercarbon  Are you not using supetwitters now? Are you disappointed or something else?  
New Purple Fuses Review:http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1121/Synergistic_Research_Ethernet_Switch_UEF_Ground... 
Best Circuit Breaker for a Dedicated Audio Line
I use AHP, but I'm sure that the best QSA:https://quantum-science-audio.com 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Has anyone compared QSA AC Receptacle vs SR Orange vs Furutech NCF?