Grandinote speaking about crossoverless Mach speakers

I had to create that thread in the correct section of the forum so we can talk about Grandinote Mach speakers and leave the other thread only for amps.

Meaning and why we don't have a crossover. We have only a cut for the super tweeter that can't be called crossover cause a real crossover an audio signal into two or more frequency ranges.

From the smaller Mach with two drivers to the bigger one with many drivers in array (doesn't matter if horn or super tweeter, it's the same and we use both) the operating principle is always the same.

Fact is fact all Mach speaker do not have, neither crossovers, nor reactive elements for equalisation/correction and all drivers are full wide-range.
Only cables are interposed between the input terminals and our wide-range drivers.

Since we have no capacitive reactances, inductive reactances, or even resistors, we have removed any element that could lower the impedance of the system.
Speakers with crossovers have minimal impedances, even as low as 1/3 or 1/4 from nominal impedance.
There are cases of crossovers so extreme that they take the minimum impedance from 8 Ohms nominal to 1 Ohm.
In our case, the impedance of Mach speakers is very close to the characteristic impedance of free-air drivers.
The minimum impedance, therefore, is around a value close to the "Re" of the transducer coil.
For Grandinote, the damping factor of the system is extremely important.

For who need a link about damping factor simply Wiki:

Excellent impedance linearity is only one of the many advantages of a crossoverless speaker.
I can describe others, such as the absence of time distortion, related to the phase shifts of the reactive components, again the greater damping factor, avoiding additional series resistances of the filter inductors, and several other advantages that result in detail, speed, coherence, spatiality...
Grandinote also designed mechanical filtering on the drivers to eliminate any kind of break-up and linearize the response of their wide-ranges by avoiding reactive components (aka crossovers).
This is definitely the most important of the Mach's strengths.