Grand Veena and ? speaker cable

I am curious to know what speaker cables members have used or heard with the Ref3a Grand Veena speakers.
Please no cable war controversy, just personal experience with the speaker and cable pairings.

I have tried some experimenting with Blue Circle biwire,hybrid solid silver/copper(DIY) and all solid silver biwire.

I plan to do some more evaluations based on what knowledge I can glean from this.

Heard the new OCC cables from Reference at the RMAF. The sound was very clean. They will retail for around $400 for a 2 mtr pair.
I have a pair of Grand Veenas here in the UK. A great room friendly speaker. The cables I have found work best for me are the Synergistic Research Precision Reference. This gives me a big warm Rich soundstage.

I use a Digital do Main Amp with MSB DAC and MAC with a Lynx sound card.

I'll probably change to the TAD CR1 Monitors later but in the meantime I'll stick with the Grand Veenas
Forgot to mention that Tash from Reference has also used Vovox cable. Heard that at RMAF 2007 and also sounded really good.
Norm at Gingko Audio is the distributor and had a show special on the Vovox. $150 for 2.5mtr and $225 for 4mtr.
I went through a couple of early popular contenders like Kimber and Nordost but decided to email Reference and ask them what they use. Kind of makes sense doesn't it? They were real nice about it and gave me a price on their brand of cable made for their speakers. I must say it does a marvelous job without breaking the bank. Send 'em an email, unless you want to spend thousands then don't bother.
This is what I intend to do, once I verify that the internal wire in mine is a match.
I have plans for the speaker wire, a couple pair of interconnect and a couple power cords .
Depends on my findings.
Tash has gone strickly OCC wire-internal, jumper and speaker wire. Speaker wire is quite a bargain.
My jumpers say Cardas.
They are two solid strips per speaker.
I am still confused.
I own the same speakers. Did you buy new cables? If so, I would be curious about your experience. I tried looking for the OCC speaker wire, but got confused with all on the info on their web site. Thanks!
I settled for my old Cardas Golden Hex 5c, they are each one mtr in length and were not biwired.I separated one end of each and made them bi wires.

They sound as good as anything I tried.

A pair of Harmonic tech Pro nines were nice also.
WyWires cables were designed with Refrence 3A speakers as the primary speaker.