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Hum in speakers
Do you have a dimmer switch on the same circuit as your system? 
What do you think is the best make volume control ?? ALPS NOBLE ????
Have Alps, TDK but neither is as good Goldpoint. 
Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.
Elac Debut B5 or B6$229 and $279 a pair 
About to buy a Wyred4Sound 1000 Watt Integrated
Wyred and Magnepan have great synergy. A stereo amp is fine. 
Most enjoyable speaker you heard under $800??
Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus 
Reference 3a speakers and tubes
Ran a Mac 275 with my Reference 3a Grand Veenas, extremely good combo. 
Best Speakers For Electronica Music
Zu Audio 
Bi-Amping Maggie 3.6 Questions
Cap replacement in the crossover is essential for improvement in sound. I upgraded the crossover and found a huge improvement in the continuity of the sound. Also, putting a new resistor and fuse on the crossover makes an even greater jump in perf... 
Agree or disagree with the following statement.
Measurements are facts.Listening to a component enables you to form an opinion.Forming an opinion from measurements is called a guess, a shot in the dark because you haven't actually heard a component.Kind of reminds me of Japanese approach in the... 
Agree or disagree with the following statement.
Measurements, Really? 
Speaker recommendation
Scansonic mb1 
What's your latest album purchase?
Burton Cummings at Massey HallMuscle Shoals 
Nola Contender & Totem Forest comparison?
Same family resemblance. Slightly less refined and I mean slightly.A stone cold bargain. The price difference is huge. The law of diminishing returns is stretched to the max. 
Amp recommendation for Magnepan 3.7's?
I drive my 3.6s with a Wyred ST1000II. Great match, easy drive. 
Advice: used speakers $600
Why not demo the Silverline Minuet Supreme +. Around $700. One of the best values in audio. Great midrange,pace and tone.Why get older speakers that may need to be reconed, capped, etc.