Good small/single outlet power conditioner for preamp.

Anyone know what’s out there? 
I am demoing a very nice preamp but it, for currently an unknown reason, does not play well with my Puritan PSM156 conditioner. The pre exhibits noise/hum from the speakers with any source ICs plugged into it. 
But the preamp straight to the wall is hum free and all is fine. 
If I wanted to keep this pre, straight to the wall is not ideal. So I am preliminarily curious what nice small/single outlet power conditioners are out there for me to consider… 



Take a look at the Audience AR2P conditioner - it has surge protection and does a nice job cleaning up the AC.  Should solve the problem with the preamp.

I would continue to troubleshoot until you are certain of the problem, then solve that. It will be very interesting to see if the problem goes away when using a power strip only.

Update: The Furutech tp-609 passive power distribution unit AND the Equi=Core 1800 balanced power conditioner are BOTH hum free!!

This confirms some sort of mismatch in power or grounding between the Puritan PSM156 and the Backert Labs Rhythm 1.4 preamp. 

So if I elect to keep the preamp, I will need to invest in another power conditioner for the main system here… maybe a new thread for that… Unless anyone has a good recommendation for something at least relatively close to the $2300 price of the Puritan, but some more $$ is fine to consider. The Puritan is so good at its price, I’m worried what it’ll take to match its performance.