Good, mid-price tuner?

My old Tandberg tuner continues to go out of alignment so i removed it from my system, but the wife still wants FM (I guess i wouldn't mind it either). What is a good option for current or recent production tuners? I'd like to avoid older tuners even though I know how good they can be. Not looking to spend thousands of dollars.

Can the Tivoli table radio be used as a stereo tuner through its rec out connection, or is it just mono (it says you can record in mono)?

My favorite current tuners are anything in the Magnum Dynalab line and the Myryad MT-100 (I just found one on eBay for $450). Jolida makes a new tube tuner that also looks very nice; but I haven't heard it.
I'll second the Magnum Dynalab. I have an FT-11 that I think I paid less than $400 for. Very simple tuner--but great sound--really great for $400.
I second the McIntosh tuners. The MR-73 is a really good buy if you want a classic model. Also, the newer MR-7082 is a real sleeper. I bought one here on Audiogon last year for about $425.00 and the sound is superb.
I have owned many nice tuners over the years, but recent ones I would recommend are the Rotel RT990 (300.00 to 375.00 used) and the Sony ST SA5es (350.00 to 500.00) used. Both sound great and the Sony is a giant killer.
The Nakamichi ST7 is a good tuner and underrated. Consider it at only $250 on the market.
Budrew, The Magnum Dynalab's FT-101 Etude was an excellent tuner. I don't know what you are considering "mid priced", but there is a gem from about 10 years back that nobody has mentioned yet, the NAD tuners. The well respected Larry Schotz had done all of the original circuit design in the earlier models for NAD and they were absolutely outstanding sounding.

Sensitivity and selectivity rivaled some of the best in the industry and still do to this day. The 4130 and 4155 tuners were awesome. There are a few on ebay for about $100.00. These tuners were originally about $450.00. There is actually one offered by a seller in Mass. for $10.00 opening bid. Yes, you read it correctly, $10.00. There is 1 day 22 hours left to bid.

I don't think you can buy a Tivoli for $10.00. Would you consider that mid priced?
I had an Audiolab 8000T at one time. It was a great tuner. I offered both FM & AM bands. I've seen them inn very limited quantities here for around $550 used. This is a class act tuner with plenty of features too. IMHO
You're probably already aware of this site but if not, you should check out
Lot's of good information on the kind of thing you're looking for.
Sansui TU717/919/9900/TUX1
Yamaha T1/T2/T7/T85
Luxman T110
Realistic TM1001
Nikko Gamma 1 > V
Kenwood L02
Kenwood KT600/7500/9900

Many of the tuners recommended above are NOT considered top notch by the crowd.