Glad I Saved That Old Power Cord!

I have a product in for assessment that due to very tight arrangement of inputs/outputs on the rear doesn't allow for the typical IEC cable with a fat, round plug. Bummer! However, I have some power cords laying around for years which I have thought of selling, but have kept on the outside chance I might need them someday. 

Am I ever happy I didn't sell the Harmonic Technology Pro AC power cable! It has a square plug that just fits! The stock cord was garbage, terrible sounding. It was bothering me that I couldn't take advantage of an upgrade to the sound by swapping it out. Square plug to the rescue! Once in a while a treasure from the storage bin saves the day! It's hard to justify holding on to components and cables long term when not in use, but a couple standby items can be most helpful. 

Incompatibilities are bound to happen due to the plethora of build differences in components. Rather than grouse about a fail, how about some examples here of "saves", systems enhanced by a convergence of unintentionally complementary products. I'm not thinking so much here about sound as functionality (It doesn't have to be limited to cables. Let's make it an open discussion in terms of gear). 

I have a truly incredible instance of a convergence of unintentionally complementary products which I will share in a future article. It's one of the most gratifying episodes in 35+ years of listening.  :)

Hi Doug,

Completely agree that having a stockpile of cables (especially power cords) is a necessity when rotating gear.

I just experienced the same unplanned yet ideal synergy event by placing a standby SR Tesla T3 UHC power cord on my Exogal Plus DAC. Serendipity to the rescue.

I have just about every cord I've ever bought and try them out when something new comes my way. You never know until you try and you can't try unless you have something extra lying around. 

That, and I'm too lazy to post them for sale. 😐

All the best,