Gain on preamplifier

I own a Jolida Fusion preamp. On the tech specification sheet it is stated that the Max output voltage is 20dB. Under that it is stated that the Voltage gain is 30 V.  I am unable to reconcile this.  Is it possible that there was a typo and the descriptor and spec are reversed? If starting at 1 V input, it seems to me that going to 32 V would represent 30dB gain, 20 V aprox 26-27dB gain, given 6dB gain for each doubling of V.  I have been operating on the assumption that the gain was 20dB as the volume setting on the pre driving my BEL 1001MK5 (which provides 26 dB gain) was usually operated between the 6 and 11 o'clock position.  Thanks in advance for any edification. 
Its not necessary to get anywhere near that technical. All you need to know is gain is not measured in volts, its measured in dB. And output voltage is not measured in dB, its measured in volts. Presumably they used the right numbers, but in the wrong places.
The max output at 30V could mean at an input of 3 volts it clips. 3 volts in and 30V out is a gain of 20dB.
Thanks guys. I thought there was a transposition between descriptors and specs. Thanks for the conformation on my assumption regarding the 20 dB gain. I was thinking about calling Jolida, however looking for support here. I may not bother.