G Rated Comments About the Relevance of Pink Floyd’s Animals Album:

It was a favorite album of mine, back then, for the music.

I had no idea how telling it was, at the time. But I get the gravity of it all, now … both, as a piece of art and also a statement about where we were headed as a society.

Wondering how long this thread can stay up. Hopefully, for a while …

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Please keep it G rated enough so we can hear some hilarious comments. Not that the situation is hilarious or anything about it at all.

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Not sure any music is as relevant as the musicians intend, or hope. Great album and solid lyrics though. 

Great Album, but it's partly a musical interpretation of Animal Farm by George Orwell, which was published in 1945. Which, as stated on Wikipedia, is based on events of the Spanish Civil war 1936, and the 1917 Russian revolution. So anywhere from ~89 to ~116 years ago. There's also The  Lord of the Flies published 1954 which has a similar theme . So what is the statement? 

I was optimistic during the 1960's and 70's (which were much harder then today to be optimistic) and I still am. My father lived through the 1930's and 1940's, which were even harder to be optimistic. Better to be optimistic then to live being scared all the time of change and the future. You cannot stop either, although some people have always tried to stop it (I am referring to the Industrial Revolution mostly). The latest fear is AI. It's always something. Can't live your life that way. That's not living, it's basically slowly dying.

Only thing that got me depressed lately was when John Prine died for no good reason. Luckily we still have his music. Apologies if this isn't hilarious.

@deadhead1000 not looking for hilarity ... just a light hearted take on how our current state of affairs in the US for sure, but also worldwide.


It is, indeed, a bit like Animal Farm by the late, great George Orwell. It's taken me a bit, but yeah, for sure I'm seeing it unfold right before my very eyes.

So many great lyrics on the album, that work so well with their music.