Fritz Carrera BE vs. Harbeth 30.1

I posted a review and comparison between these two speakers in the members review section. But I thought I'll link to it in the speakers section just in case.
Nice writeup Arafiq. Your impressions on the Harbeth and Fritz share an almost similar resemblance to my experience with the Harbeth and Marten. In the end I kept both as I can't make up my mind. Each has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks for the mention. All I'd add for people checking out this thread is that my experience with speakers and equipment is only a fraction of what jjss49's is. I try to caveat what I say with my actual background with gear and comparisons. I do try to pay attention and listen carefully, to avoid hyperbole and to withhold judgment when I really feel ambivalent. And I've been listening, if not purchasing, as an audiophile for most of my 56 years. Still, comparisons to other speakers cannot be my strong suit, yet. Just want all to know that.