Found a treasure JBL L200t3

  • A local sale cam up for a L series JBL that I never knew existed.  The L200t3 was built in 1990, there were only 1000 made. The woofers were mint other than the surrounds were shot. I had the folks at RBH Sound handle the repair. The horn exterior is the famous baby butt. The 120T3 woofers are back in. While they look like the L100T woofer, but they have a larger magnet and the aquaplas woofers are colored to match the cabinet. 

They sound incredible. I’m looking for sales materials. I have the technical stuff. They are for sale. 
Too funny, I just picked up a pair of JBL L200T3s. They are great! The best $800 I ever spent on a pair of speakers. Check and for literature.

I have been running Shahinian Obelisks in my living room. After years of flipping all sorts of speakers I found these to be my speaker nirvana (for that room). Unfortunately, my 1 and 2 1/2 year old grandsons are as attracted to the Obs as I am so I moved them into a smaller, locked listening room. I was thinking about buying a pair of Heresy 2s and upgrading them when I saw the JBL L200T3s on craigslist locally. I once owned JBL  4435s and later 4425s monitors. I wasn't into them at the time, mostly because of the studio monitor form factor. But they sounded good as I recall.

I can't say if the L200T3s sound exactly like the 4425s but they sound damn good. I didn't remember how smooth and musical the 20404H compression driver and "baby butt cheeks" horn flare sounds. This is a horn for guys who say they don't like horns. The 120T3 woofer driver sounds great and produces plenty of bass, down to approx 40Hz. The crossover is simpler than on the 4425 but I think that's a good thing. These beasts are tall and heavy. The only downside is the cheesy plastic footer ring on the bottom demands that you set these down and move them carefully. And the "wood" finish appears to be EKO, although it does look great. This is actually an advantage in my situation.

I had been driving these with the BAT VK300x hybrid integrated amp I purchased to use with the Obelisks. It's a wonderful amp and sounds great with the JBLs but I'm going to keep it with the Obs. So I After considering my other amp options (have or want) I found two great deals: a Conrad Johnson MF2275 SS amp and CJ Classic 2 w/ phono. Substitute a simpler turntable (vintage Sony PS-X75 Biotracer) for the Pear Audio and I'm set with a great sounding, reasonably priced living room priced rig. Not grandson-proof but nothing delicate or so expensive that I'll cry if it requires repair or replacing.

Nice speakers...yeah br your grandson  can make a fort out of those speakers.
I paid $600 for mine. It’s really funny, when I was a young pup there was a shop in Ogden UT called the Hi-Fi shop. It’s famous for multiple violent murders that took place. But they sold JBL. I listened to all of the JBL “t” family. I spent big on the L20t, and dreamed of the L100t. 
Over the last month, I’ve acquired a L100T, L100t3, L80T, and the L200T3s. I’ve two pair of L3. One pair L5, six of the excellent JBL 708g-1 that RBH Sound rebuilt. I’m swimming in JBL. 
Yeah, I would love to rey a pair of L300s but they're stupidly expensive now. I'll stick with with the L200T3s for now. I'm still amazed at how good they sound. They don't disappear like the Obelisks, but few speakers do.
Mighty easy to listen to, though.
I’ve replaced the crap plastic base in my pair. They now sport monster spikes with heavy plate steel outriggers. Awesome. 
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