Foobar 2000 RAM DISK questions

I’m using Foobar 2000 on Windows and have installed the RAM DISK component. After loading a folder or a playlist I highlight the entries, right click and hover over Utilities and then click on Send to Ram-Disk (or add to Ram-Disk to append list). From the top bar drop down clicking on the View / Ram-Disk content I can see the files have loaded but Viewing the View / Console drop down when playing the file still shows the file being sourced from the hard drive. Opening the View Ram-Disk window and choosing the Playback / Send to Playlist option the Console now shows the selection playing from the Ram-Disk.

Still learning Foobar but I only got here by trial and error… lots of error. My question is there an easier way to load and play from the Ram-Disk? I’m using the free version of Fidelizer in conjunction with Foobar and it sounds good but is there anything I can do to make it sound even better?




@danager Looks like we are using the same softwares for music playback. I have been using Foobar2000 since June/July 2020. And I use Fidelizer Pro. I love the combination.

As for RAM Disk - I do not use it. But here is the thread you might want to check:

RAM Disk and Full File Buffering

I do not use RAM Disk. This thread helped me resolve the "gapless playback" on Foobar2000. Read the last post on that thread. It says:

The full file buffering only loads each file immediately before playing it, and then discards it when playback moves on to the next track. Full file buffering also does not work with the player in any way to support overlapped buffering, so the next track is only buffered ahead by virtue of the output device buffer. If buffering an entire track takes longer than the default of one second, it will underrun and there will be a gap.

If you have issues with gapless playback, do this:

Files -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Playback -> Buffering -> Full File Buffering and set it to 0.

Hope this helps.

To answer the last question - unload any softwares that you do not use/need. A dedicated Windows machine can be nice option for music playback.


In my opinion (for what's that's worth)  Ram-Disk sometimes sounds better.  It's easy to A / B.  Load the same song one from the Ram-Disk and the other directly from the source and switch back and forth.  There should be absolutely no difference as both are being played from RAM but sometimes there is.  It's just such a multi step process to use Ram-Disk that would be nice to reduce but I can't find a use of Ram-Disk How to to guide me.

@danager why don't you post your question on this site? I learned so much about Foobar2000 on the site below:


Thanks for the heads up It’s hard for me to think I’m the first bring this up or I’m just a little slow and it’s really obvious to everyone else. The other thing is the search option is only for members.  Being able to search I did find my answer,97134.msg809377.html#msg809377

EDIT: ...Oh you have to add tracks to the RAM disk manually, and then add them to the playlist from there. Shame, but I guess it works.




You are welcome. Did you know you can upscale everything to DSD including Radio Paradise and other internet radio stations in F2K. All my FLAC and radio stations are set to output as DSD512. I don’t do that to native DSD file, as F2K first converts them to PCM before converting them to DSD.

F2K is really a tweaker’s paradise. Also try the Eole skin. I love it. Which skin do you use?