Focal Electra Driver removal...

Hi Guys

Do you know the torque specs on the 927 BE woofers? im attempting to remove one to access the crossover potentially for a upgrade of the caps..

Before you do that, try removing the binding post plate instead. Most of the Focal speakers I have seen have the crossover board built into the binding post plate. So you do not need to remove the drivers to access the crossover network.
Hi ericteh, i did that before and there is nothing behind the plate. Instead, it appears the crossover is fixed to the rear of the speaker, up inside....
I've a pair of 1007be. I had to remove the Woofers to reach to the crossover. I don't think u need to be too concerned abt the torque specs.
Dastrix... You'll learn a lot about this by viewing threads by members johnsonwu and Bryoncunningham. Bryoncunningham actually posted pictures of his Focal crossover.
Already in conversation with Dastrix.
Problem is his crossover is well hidden, even more so than the woofer crossover board in the Diva Utopia.
Dastrix has to access is from the woofer openings.
Yep, thanks Raks :)

Johnsonwu is right... I think tonight Ill pull out a woofer and see what I can see inside. But the crossover is certainly not reached from the rear terminal plate :(

Ill use a snug/firm torque when I tighten them back up. Just worried if the drivers are fixed into MDF that taking the woofer out, back in will elongate the hole.
Your best bet is to contact their distributor Audio Plus Services (800-663-9352) and ask the customer service department for some guidance. I'm sure they would rather give you some friendly advice than to see you damage your speakers.