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Mike Elliott service schematics
Are you looking for the original SA-xxx manuals or NP manuals? if you have SA amps with blown mosets and don’t want to spend major dollars you can replace the output devices new Vishay IRFP9240 and IRFP240 Mosfets.  they look different and requir... 
for Technics SU-R1000 owners....unit already discontinued? where to service?
Why not share with us fellow owners what the glitch is.  USB intermittent? streamer not recognizing the DAC when unit it powered off and on again? can’t update firmware? pops when resolution of digital file changes from one track to another? ... 
5k budget - streamer for Technics SU-R1000 ?
HQplayer embedded on in Intel i7.  I use it on my R1000.  Controlling it is easy just use mconnect on an iPhone.   
Owners of Technics SU-R1000
Very surprised that nobody responded to this I have owned and our 1000 for a while and I am lucky to have a stable of speakers for it to drive Avalon diamond, YG Haley 1.2, Avalon opus, and the latest Wilson watt puppy 7. it’s best match by far ... 
Rogue Audio. Reliability issues? Anyone?
It’s a very very easy fix. Just one cathode resistor and a new tube.  amd YES Rogue overbiases their KT88 amps so user beware.   
Counterpoint SA-2000 Hum
They are removed because the whole Opamp buffer stage is removed and its just the plate of the 6922 driving the output.    You will need to check the B+ voltage top of both the plate resistors likely modded to Mills 5W wirewounds around that tube... 
Technics SU-R1000 - Good but not the king of switching amps
@nonoise I have both the R1000 and the G700m2 right now.  The G700m2 running in pre out to R1000 main in gets me an identical sound as the R1000 all by itself driving Avalon Eidolon Diamond and Avalon Opus.  With the G700m2 doing all 3 duties its ... 
Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?
@badgerdms The SU-R1000 is GanFET in the regulator stage and the output stage.  g700m2 is not - only in the regulator stage.  I have both units in my rig.  
Counterpoint Natural Progression Turn On Problems
It’s always the timer circuit in these older NP100s just a cap and the 555 timer a competent tech can identify it right away But these days cap swappers are common, competent techs are rare. NP220s... maybe the rocker power switch in the front,... 
Avalon Eidolon Vision
Slightly more efficient woofer.  Adjusted crossover.  But sound varies from one sample to another.  Be careful of oozing black goo behind woofer. Great w counterpoints :)   
Counterpoint Natural Progression Turn On Problems
What you are describing is too dramatic NP100s are extremely reliable and they are not that old the turn-on timer is triggered by a 555 timer that derives power from the 6.3v filament supply. pull out 1 of the 6sn7 tubes and see if it turns on ... 
Does anyone want a Counterpoint SA-20 chassis?
Contrary to urban folklore these things are very easy to fix and near equivalent Mosfets namely the IRF240 and IRFP240 in a different package are commonly available for cheap. No you don’t have to use Exicons or do a complete rebuild.   
Technics sr u 1000 ... vs Accuphase e-480
I’m sure some people here will start firing torpedoes but as far as I know this amp has a switching power supply that takes up less than 60W and I see no difference in heat or sound whether I plug it into the wall straight for through $70 Amazon s... 
Technics sr u 1000 ... vs Accuphase e-480
Loved the SU-R1000 enough to haul one back from Japan.  Saved enough to pay for air ticket and many many fancy meals.     
Technics SU-R1000
You cannot loop the pre out to an EQ and connected it to an input because the pre out of the R1000 is always connected to the output stage and there is NFB involved. That kind of slightly out of phase duplicate signal will indeed cause a loop and ...