F. Alton Everest's Master Handbook of Acoustics vs. Floyd Toole's Sound Reproduction?

I have Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound (which I like) and am now looking for a book to go deeper into acoustics, room effects, room treatments, speaker design, speaker and room interactions, etc. I’m not designing a room from scratch, and most of the room related information would be used for hifi in a furnished, non-dedicated room as opposed to a studio. On the other hand, I’m also a musician so some of the broader information could be helpful and/or interesting in a larger context.

I’ve heard great things about both F. Alton Everest's Master Handbook of Acoustics and Floyd Toole's Sound Reproduction.  At this point, however, I can only buy one book – and would prefer to buy the one that is more “the one not to be without” so to speak and will be the one to refer to long term. Can anyone compare and contrast these 2 books? Any thoughts or recommendations would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
I have always "heard" Everest is the "bible." I have it, but it's beyond my admittedly less than technical mind.

@teo_audio: The Colloms book is pretty pricey at the Wiley site. It can be had on Amazon for $60 less. Still . . . Older editions can be found on bookfinder.com for less than $10.
Get the Master Handbook - it is pretty readable (and is mostly designed for recording engineers, not physicists)

You will need to do a few calculations for your listening room, but it is very worthwhile in explaining what matters most at what frequencies

Smith's book is about 10 pages of things people already know and the rest is just folksy fill - I've also found him to be not very honest when interacting with him - he'd make a good used car salesman
BTW, a good university library will have Colloms and other books, esp. if the U. has an engineering school (and nearly every x State Univ. will have one - exceptions: in NY it is Cornell, in CA it is Davis, in IN it is Purdue)
Thanks, everybody for the responses.  Looks like Everest's book is the one to get.  Hopefully it won't be too over my head?!  I'm open to any more comments or thoughts.