Extension cords

Hello, I would like to be able to connect my 2 subs power cords, and my phono pre pc to my power conditioner, but in order to do it, i will need ext. cords of around 10 feet long, my question is, what would be my best bet as far as aquiring ext. cords to serve this purpose, could i go cheap at home depot and get acceptable results, or should i go another route. thanks in advance for any opinions.

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If you don't mind a little DIY, HD has 10 AWG twisted, stranded (for EMI, RFI rejection) Carol cord in bulk. They also carry some excellent male/female AC plugs that are very easy to wire (they're yellow, can't remember the brand.)
Signal Cable will make you an extension cord or a long standard power cord. I purchased a 3m standard cable which powered a ps audio passive filter (what is the name of the damn thing?) for something like 70 bucks; still have it and no longer use it.

I am sure an extension cable can be made if that is what you wish. The longer the run makes me want a higher quality cable/insulation; makes me feel better.
Another DIY option would be to start with a Hubbell 4 Plex outlet mounted in the matching box with your choice of plug and cable at whatever length you need. Like this:
Hubbell 4 Plex