EMM labs DAC2 can be used with Apple?

The DAC2 have a USB input, may I use it to connect the DAC2 directly to my Apple computer, and then may I to hear the CDs that I can to rip on the computer without nothing more? and the sound will be as good as with the EMM labs transport plus DAC2?
Yes, if I understand you correctly. Second part it would appear you are about to find out for yourself. Enjoy.
Thanks Musicman, the important is that I can connect the Apple directly to the DAC2, after I will hear how it sounds, it seems , for what I can to read , that the sound must be better from the Apple than for one transport..
Newly - this is important!

To achieve the quality that is possible, you must set up iTunes correctly for the rip.

Under Preferences/Playback
Make sure that Crossfade, Sound Enhancer and Sound Check are NOT selected

Under Preferences/Playback/Import Settings
select Apple Lossless with Error Correction On - this is the highest quality possibly with iTunes

Under Preferences/Advanced:

Nothing to do with quality but I suggest you select the boxes "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Music Folder" This will keep all your files in one place which makes back up a lot easier

Finally, after the DAC is plugged in to the USB cable - you need to go in Applications/Utility/Audio MIDI SetUp and set the pulldowns as follows:

Default Output - pick the name of the device or the DAC

System Output - pick the name of the device or the DAC

Under Audio Output/Source select Digital Out
Format 44.1 2ch-16 bit

Then push play
if your mac has an optical out try that as well, I have found the optical to best usb on the apogee dacs but with the EMM labs YMMV
Will the quality as good as using the EMM Labs transport? Good lord, I hope not, or I'm going to be really annoyed. I own both pieces.
Hi Docmark,

I wouldn't worry. I think the new EMM DAC2/TSD1 will set the new digital standard for some time to come.