Dylan's "Tempest" Dylan haters need not reply

Listening to it now. Reserving final judgement. I'll see how much I'm drawn back to it over the next few weeks. Intial impressions: strong on lyrics, thin on melody. As has been the case over the years and with the various musicians he's worked with since "Time Ouf of Mind" - the band is great. Love David Hidalgo's accordian and the arrangements in general. Sonics on this $10 CD through Amazon are very good. Would like to hear from other Dylan fans what they think about this one.

Well I think its a high-point. Spend time listening to Tin Angel. You will become a believer. Agree its strong on lyrics, I don't question his productions, after all who am I to question a genius.
I like it. Dylan's voice just keeps getting better. Unlike most other American minstrels, he took notice of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy. Dylan's song 'Tempest' is based on an old verse "The Watchman' by Seth Mize. Both The Carter Family and The New Lost City Ramblers performed it before Dylan. As I recall, Dylan sometimes sang with the latter group during the early 60's in New York, and he may have learned of it from them. The Watchman may refer to the nightmares of Frederick Fleet on whose watch it was that the Titanic struck the iceberg. See Wikipedia for more on poor Frederick Fleet who died in 1965.
Thanks for the replies, folks. Interesting comments/insights from Jburidan. Toddnkaya - yes, I've listened to Modern Times. Have quite a bit of Dylan and have really enjoyed his later output (from Time Out of Mind forward). Rpeluso - still exploring "Tempest". I'll certainly be giving Tin Angel another listen.
Footnote on 'Tempest' song: Wikipedia states that the Titanic left port without binoculars on board, which is why the watchmen in the crow's nest didn't see the iceberg until it was too late to avoid the fatal collision.
Its high on list to get. I really like mkst all of dylans more recent albums starting with time out of mind. Dylan actually managed to peak again in his later years and stay innovative not to mention the fantastic band.
I really wanted to like this album more than I actually do. I'm finding his old timey thing sort of tiring these days and the album as a whole seems very forgettable and ordinary. His voice has become cartoony, some of which feels intentional. Having said all of that, it still has a lure to me simply because it's Bob Dylan. There is a nostalgia for me in his work, I think because he has been an important voice in my head since I was young. A consistent, steady stream of words and sounds that always felt more than human. It's a hard thing to articulate but his sound touches me in a unique way and that still does exist.

His later albums have grown on my over time although none really are things I go to often. I do hope I find more in Tempest with some play's but for now, for me, it's just OK.
Dylan started the next leg of his tour last evening and played one from Tempest, Scarlet Town.