Does a Lumin App for Windows 11 exist..?

Does a Lumin App for a PC running Windows 11 exist ? So far, I can only use my tablet or phone. Using my laptop would be better for viewing with its larger screen (17") and my old eyesight.



So, without a reply, should I assume that the Lumin player cannot be used on a PC running windows 11? 



Thanks. I wish they did. It seems strange to me to not include PC users.

I sent a message to Lumin, hopefully they will reply.


Not all that strange.

Supporting MacOS after supporting iOS, is likely a fairly easy port (depending on specifics of their code). Shared code, same tools, same developers. On the other hand, supporting windows would require an entirely new app, likely sharing very little code, and requiring different developers.

Said another way, it was probably very cheap for them to support MacOS, and would be much more expensive to support windows.

Voice your requests to Lumin. It’s the only way to get it prioritized.


Thank you for that explanation. I hope something can get done. I am surprised that no one else has had this question, the component has been around several years now.


I don’t think it will work with a PC, thus my questions. Looks like it will work with Mac, Androids but no PC.

I sent a message to Lumin and got a strange reply that I don’t understand. Either my question was deemed not important or confusing. I think it is a straight question.

Can a PC running Windows 11 download the Lumin app? Not using some other Frankenstein method to maybe get it to function.


Referring to your similar post on audio shark, I think they were suggesting you might try their android app under the "Windows Subsystem for Android".

I'm not directly familiar with this, but a quick read seems to indicate it is an Android emulator that runs on windows. I think it's purpose is to allow windows based developers a way to test android apps directly on their PC.

As this is a developer tool, it's not really meant for consumers (read - it's probably pretty involved to set-up, use, diagnose). The online info on microsoft's website is also very fresh, not sure if it's even beyond a preview at this point. It might work. I personally doubt it'd be worth the effort.


Thanks for the help. It looks like my only choice is to use my I-pad with the small screen.



You can always get a bigger IPad 😀. Joke aside, the app looks quite nice on a big iPad. 

I did! I ended up purchasing the biggest iPad I could find a 12"+. It was a pretty expensive remote control.

Lumin, not everyone wants to use their phone to play music.


Boy has Lumin given me a bunch of crap. They claim with this or that Frankenstein add on, etc. then maybe, Lumin will work on a PC but at your own risk.

What a bunch of nonsense.

Come on Lumin, your products are not inexpensive, just provide a straight download for Windows 11!


I am disappointed that Lumin doesn’t seem to be interested. I was hoping they would at least respond with " we will look into it"

But no, nothing.


Many on the What's Best Forum have offered some band-aid ideas, but none have worked for me. 


Just got this reply from AudioShark

ozzy, it has been mentioned a few times already but have you tried the Linn Kazoo app from the Windows App store?

TRIED IT, and it does seem to work with Windows!

I still need to get more familiar with it, but so far so good.

I’m so happy, like a pig in... well you know?


Oh, major problem. It will only play playlists up to 30 songs. Some of my Lumin playlists are close to 2000 songs!


So, for reasons I can’t seem to explain, today, all of the tracks on my playlists are showing up.



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