I am looking at the Denon DP-3000, which appears like it might be able to slide out and mount into a homemade base?

Basically I am looking for a dual arm setup.

Also my existing TT only takes 1 arm, and it is limited in which arms lengths it can support. 

Or are there other drive units which might be better suited to such a scheme?


@holmz, I have a DP-3000 (no quartz lock) in a custom plinth so what you are asking can be done. You just need to spec the size of the plinth such that it can support two tonearms. You might also want to think about using arm boards that can be swapped out and support various types of tonearms you may want to use. My DP-3000 was made to support Denon arms only as my goal was to have an all Denon turntable set up.

I also have a Technics SP-15 (quartz lock) which is mounted on a plinth that supports two tonearms. If you want to explore choices outside of Denon the Technics DD tables are quite good as well.

As for quartz lock or no quartz lock, I won't go there. Both my DD tables perform really well in my system, but for what it's worth I am enjoying my idler drive table right now.

Thanks @clio09 @lewm @rauliruegas ​​​& ​@billwojo 

I did find a Luxman PD555 sort of near by, but it is ~5500 (USD). That would be a bit easier, but sucks up a lot of budget.

But maybe it is worth consideration too?

Thoren are pretty easy to fix up. You can get a TD160 super or any of those belt drives, they are easy and fun. Easy to add whatever you like as far as tonearms.

Most of the parts interchange. The 121 and 124 are a lot nicer but they are for recording, broadcasting or transcription. Playback really doesn’t need the speed to be perfect. Recording from it, could be an issue..

They have a GREAT factory suspension and a LOT of easy inexpensive mods too. As I mentioned a lot of the parts interchange on the light belt belt drives. I keep a cool 1/2 dozen on hand. TD124 and Russco are my favorites. You can always use a pedestal mount or mod the plinth for a pocket drop & swap.


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I have a selection of DD TT's which are duplicated, a duplicate model is to undergo a Platter Spindle Bearing Rebuild to assess how a modern approach to a Bearing design can impact on the SQ.

Within the collection of DD TT's, there are thee Denon DP80's, of which one has the Gunmetal Platter.

I am intending on One Model to receive a complete rebuild of the Patter Spindle Bearing Housing with modern materials exchanged for the original Parts.

One Model to have the Bearing Serviced and One Model to remain as purchased.

I can then compare the rebuilt bearing with Both Platter Types to the Original with a Bearing Serviced and Bearing untouched with both Platter Types, mounted on a Lead Plinth using the same Tonearm>Cartridge.

The final experience will be to mount the TT's in a Panzerholz Plinth and see how the modern materials in use are comparable to the earliest used materials.

This method is already underway on another Vintage DD TT.

As stated before and not really picked up on, an Aurex SR-520 is a very affordable  DD TT which was a Top of the Range model and can be sourced at a very fair price, 

I don't foresee disappointment when cost to performance and SQ is considered in the purchase equation.

The individual that made myself aware of the model had compared, the most basic model, very favourably to a Micro Seiki Model.

Their Model now has a much improved Tonearm in use with it.