Digital Preamp with USB-input but without a DAC?

I have been looking for preamp with USB input, but without a built in DAC. I cannot find any. Maybe there is a good reason for it, but is my requirement, so special? 

I have an Innuos Pulse mini streamer connected to a pair of active Buchardt speakers though Platin Hub. Right now the streamer is connected with RCA to the Hub and Wisa to the speakers. However, there is a DAC in both the streamer and the speakers, so I do not need an additional DAC. Hence, I am contemplating running USB from streamer to Hub to allow for the digital signal to be sent to the DAC in the speakers. However, it turns out that the Platin Hub cannot do volume control via USB, which I why I would need a preamp. 

Any advice?  


You need a DAC to decipher USB 1's and 0's (it is digital data). I would think any input with USB has a DAC inside to process the data. 

Too late to edit my post.  I see you have a pair of small desktop all-in-one speakers.  I have a pair of those on my desk.  they are designed to be driven by a computer and use the computer for volume control.  Indeed they have a smal DAC and amp inside them.  But no, all you can add in front of them is volume control.  I use them on my desk, mostly for phone calls, video, and occasional music. but even the fairly nice ones I have are pretty inferior to a real system.


My speakers are 3,000 $ active speakers from Buchart and my input is an Innuos streamer, so this is a decent setup - and I like it. And yes, they do have a DAC built in.

However, I realised that my Platin Hub that connects the streamer and the speakers via WiSA has been factory preset in such a way that I could not regulate the volume control when the connection was via USB. I could only volume control via optical and RCA. Now I been able to reset the Platin Hub in such a way that it can be used for volume control when connected via USB. 

So problem solved. Thanks for the input that after all helped me to find a solution. 





aren’t there streamers, or more correctly perhaps Network Players, sans DACs, that usb inputs, take the digital input from an external storage device such as a flash drive, and then send that unconverted stream to an external DAC?