DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/baby speakers

I’ve heard the DeVore Orangutan O/93 and O/96 on several occasions, I’m a big fan of these very musical speakers.

Stereophile Dec 2023 issue has a very positive O/baby review, as well as HifiNews here



Interesting, what’s the size of your room and what amp are you using? I also prefer the O/Baby visually but the 10” woofer is very tempting…

Agreed. The Devore Orangutan line is very musical that puts a smile on one's face. 

@kennyc Ive owned the o/93's and now the o/baby. I love both - synergy pending of course. The o/93's are bigger - as they should be, but the o/baby are just as magical. They cast a great soundstage, have enough bass and the mids are spooky good. Both are amazing but I ended up keeping the o/baby as I liked the aesthetic considerably more. Devore, as a whole, are probably my favorite speakers Ive heard in my room to date. 

I read it, and yes, I like the big brothers, but it's a lot of money for a speaker of limited range I think. Of course, there are speakers that are just as limited for a lot more too.