Denver record store s with Classical vinyl?

Hi - I'm going to be in Denver for 3 days, and wonder if anyone knows where I might spend some browsing-time while I'm there. Thanks for any ideas.
Check out Twist and Shout on East Colfax next to the Tattered Cover bookstore roughly Colfax and York. I have not really looked at their classical stuff but the have a very big selection of vinyl of all kinds and nice prices.
Hi - Thanks, I'll stop in there tomorrow. I'm here now, and actually found 2 nice LPs in the Goodwill on S. Broadway:
Propinquity - which is pretty rare indie out of Boulder from 1972, and the original Funkadelic album on Westbound/Janus. So I'm already pretty happy with Denver :)
Thanks for the Twist and Shout recommendation.
The classical selection wasn't huge but still got some nice items at great prices. A few examples:
Mengelberg - St. Matthew's Passion, a pretty sought after 3 lp set on Philips for $2.99
Rossini Sonatas for Strings on DG (Camerata Bern) sealed for $1.99
Henk Badings Octet on London (Vienna Octet) for 99 cents.

I didn't have enough time to go through the jazz but it also looked like decent stuff at reasonable prices.

(Also got some really nice Classical at the Salvation Army near Colfax and York for 25 cents each!)
Goto the Black and Read in Arvada, right by the Hobby Lobby.

Also check out Wax Trax in Denver 2 blocks south of Colfax, 2 doors west of Washington.
This post is more remembrance than helpful response.

In the middle 80s I helped my father-in-law move from what then was a very nice apartment northeast of the Cathedral on East Colfax. He had a 70s vintage Mcintosh system (damn heavy) and about a thousand LPs (also damned heavy) many of which he had bought in stores in that area of Denver. On Saturday morning he took me on a tour of his favorite sources of LPs. We visited several stores and (in my memory) each store had hundreds of quality LPs.

I say this post is not very helpful because I looked at satellite images of that area today and it looks like most of the buildings have been replaced by parking lots. Still I hope there are a few good sources of LPs in Denver. Sometimes I wish there was a National Registry of Old Record Stores one could consult when visiting or moving to a new city.

Anyway good luck. Let me know if you run across any LPs of the Soviet Army Chorus.