Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?

should read vs. not bs. TYPO   I can’t seem to be able to edit the title.  Sorry 

I am strongly, considering the terminator to 12th anniversary.
I did some research Red reviews, and a friend of mine actually has the plus which he loves my system consist of a Parasound halo amp and preamp all Morrow series 6 cables, and PBN speakers

for $5000. Do you think there is anything I should strongly consider without making this an impossible task

they currently have a Gustard X 26 pro which I will be replacing



Received a response:

We are the 1st few to receive the variant version 

Of the Terminator..the 15th this is the new variant 

No word on the changes inside the box ,that will be coming down the road very soon


I contacted Alvin at Vinshine about the apparent release of the 15th version which I thought he'd want to address. He thanked me for letting him know and plans on contacting DENAFRIPS about it and will respond accordingly. He mentioned that he's currently on a business trip so there may be a delay in his response.

The DENAFRIPS site has been updated to reflect the new 15th version: DENAFRIPS Terminator 15th DAC

If you’re going to the effort to make what I can only assume are meaningful upgrades to a product to the point that they warrant a new model designation, how long does it take to at least update a product web page to tell people what changes were made and why or even to just announce that the new model even exists? And to do this apparently not only on one but at least two models simultaneously (Terminator and Pontus)? And then to not even bother to mention anything to the main distributor that any of this is happening while the new product is already being shipped to customers? What??? I respect Denafrips as a solid company that produces excellent and high-quality products at reasonable prices, but this seems to be a silly and unforced error on their part.

@soix I agree; I think they dropped the ball on this one. I respect Denafrips and their products a great deal, but for Vinshine to not seem to be aware of the 15th DACs being shipped seems odd.

@bill_k thanks for this. I've seen the Pontus 15th is also viewable in Denafrips' website too 👍