Deep Discounts on new Bel Canto PL-2s

I have noticed a sudden surge of the number of heavily discounted Bel Canto PL-2s on the market, some with DVI. What is the explanation for these deep discounts in the 50%+ range? Is Bel Canto introducing a new model with HDMI?

BTW, what are your opinions on the quality of the PL-2?
Bel Canto is no longer going to make players with video, they are going to focus on audio-only like the new DAC3 and CD-1 as they feel the video market changes too quickly for a small company to constantly update (Bluray/HDDVD/DolbyHD etc.) I understand the PL-1 will continue as it is their top of the line universal, but the PL-2 is going away. I am selling my PL-2 as I use it mostly for DVD's and can't justify the cost for that and I am going to upgrade my analog rig instead. I think it is a great player for the money they are going for, but take it for what you will as I don't want flames about schilling my wares in the forums.