Decware Tori II vs. Line Magnetic 518ia

Anyone have any experience with these two, or any input at all? I currently own the LM and think it's a great amp. But I have always been curious about the Tori. On paper, it should be better. But that's not always the case.


Curious what about the Torii makes you think it's better "on paper" than your LM?
Well, I guess now that I think about it, they are both point to point wired, with high quality trannies. So maybe it's not better on paper. I know everyone who has heard one likes it. So maybe I'm just in the mood to try something new. The LM is certainly a fine amp and has beat out two highly regarded contenders so far.
If you are referring to the currently produced Mk4 version of the Torii, you've probably already seen my comment about its gain in this recent thread, in which you also participated.  FWIW I'll repeat it here, though:

Almarg 7-30-2018

In looking at the description and specs of the Torii IV I see one major potential issue. Assuming the specs on sensitivity and maximum power capability are accurate, it can be calculated that its gain is extremely low, even for a power amplifier much less one that could and would be used as an integrated amplifier. Specifically, I calculate a gain of about 17 db into 8 ohms, and even less into lower impedances. Typical power amp gains are in the mid to upper twenties, and typical integrated amp gains are in the mid to upper thirties.

If an active preamp providing substantial gain is not used ahead of this amp, with most vinyl and other analog sources the consequence of that will be that even with the volume control at max a substantial fraction of the amp’s power capability will not be able to be utilized. Probably well over half of that capability in most cases, and perhaps 3/4 of it or even more in many cases.

With digital sources that would be less of a concern, but I would still expect that without an active preamp there would be some recordings, especially some of those having wide dynamic range, for which the volume control would not be able to be turned up high enough to satisfy.

In contrast, Stereophile measured the gain of your LM-518IA as being 38.6 db for an 8 ohm load connected to the 8 ohm tap, which is very typical for an integrated amp, and is vastly more gain than the Torii would provide.

-- Al 
Thanks for your comment Al. I will be driving a pair of klipschorns, so I don’t think gain will be an issue. Actually the LM has too much gain in my system. I never go beyond the ten o’clock position. But I won’t rule out putting an active preamp in front of the Torii if need be.
Well I can say I fave the mk3 with my phono preamp running direct. No problems. Love the amp. I rarely turn it past 9. Speakers are 8ohm, 95db. Cart is 1mv gain at 62. I can lower the gain and will, just been feeling out my Grado Statement at this higher gain. Amp is really tweakable with its treble bass controls and many choices of tubes.