Debrox - maintenance for your ears

Inspired by another current thread.

Debrox was recommended to me by my doctor some 5-10 years ago. I get my ears cleaned once a year and use Debrox to keep them tip top through out the rest of the year. Works well - give it a shot.
I use a high speed drill, and a barrel cleaner, for a 45. I start on the left side and don't stop till it comes out the right, after a slight recovery, I go the other way, right to left..

If all else fails, take a good size firecracker, light it with one hand, drop the lighter, pinch your nose and mouth, stuff the lit firecracker up you keister, and BANG, that will blow the dust out of your ears, too.. 

Others will say use a bigger firecracker, or a 3/4-1 inch water hose, (open your mouth with that one, also).  I heard a vacuum cleaner, with the suction hose in your left and the blow hose in your right takes it to a whole new level.

The "tip and knock" method has been used for years. Tip your head to the left or right, and use the opposite hand to palm heel, your temple, until you're almost unconscious. KEEP your mouth open though, could make an eye a little buggy...

I heard also get two bottles of soda water, take the tops off, place your thumbs over the tops, SHAKE, place them against your ears, remove your thumbs.. We're talkin' industrial.. ok 

There are all kinds of ear cleaning exercises, too.

A syringe is a better choice than a plastic pear because the fluid is ejected in a more continuous way....

I am not a doctor but i sont sell anything like many of them alas!....


millercarbon are you a robot?
You're right MC after a cleaning, WD-40 will displace 40 times its weight in water.. really.. that's that it means, Water Displacement, 40 times its weight..  Do you believe that? Great to dry out a fuel cell with a little moisture and a light lube to boot... ;-) 
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I figured that this conversation would devolve! Probably why I never posted it before. But at $6 or so, this stuff keeps your ears in fine working order. I use it twice a month and at that frequency, the bottle lasts for more than a year.
OP I wasn’t trying to be a total, putz, just a partial one, But I manage.

Ear cleaning is important. I’m bad.

I’ll sit in the corner now.

The firecracker will get the dust out of your ears.  Just setting down, can be a problem for a while. :-)

oldhvymec...I tried all of your suggestions but ended up with a sore throat. Is that a common side-effect?