Dead Can Dance " Live From Series"

I know some of you big fans have listened to all the live concerts. Are some better than the others or do I just pick one randomly when I want to listen to one of the Dead Can Dance concerts?


Zufan, About 15 live concerts from 2005 have recently been released. I have listened to a few on different days, but mostly to me sounded the same. I was hoping some one who was a fanatic for DCD, had listened and decided one was better than another. Kinda like Dead Head fans listen to one night in Atlanta in 96" over other sets.

Btw, all sound very good. Listened to Live in Prins Willem Alexander zall, The Hague Netherlands, March 12, 2005 today.

I'm a longtime fan of DcD, one of my favorite artists. I bought three of that series and didn't find there to be enough differences in the performances to warrant trying to acquire more. All three of the performances I have sound quite fine.