DCCA power cords... your comments pls.

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I am considering purchasing the DCCA Extreme Reference power
cord for my Accustic Arts amp. Comments appreciated


I just sent a demo back to DCCA, the cord has a very musical sound, dynamic, clear, good depth and width, etc. If you can get it on your amp, you'll really love it especially for the price.

Happy Listening.
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I agree with Tvad and Bigkidz, Don's cords are excellent on amps and power conditioners. I tried a Ref 1 on a friends system, as well, and the results were amazing. I am using an Extreme on a power conditioner to the wall and two Ref 1's from the conditioner to the amp. I also use a powerwave 2 on the power conditioner for the CD player. I have never tried one on a CD player.

I ordered my cords a little longer, rather than exact length, this way the cord does not have to make sharp bends and you use its weight and stiffness to support itself. You won't find a more eager to please fellow than Don.
I concur with all the above posts. Tvad and Dolfan are absolutely right about Don of DCCA Audio. I have a unique situation where all my equipment is located on a rack, above a 55" rptv, and to say that positiong his cables is challenging is the understatement of the year!

Anyways, he offered to incorporate 90 degree bends at both ends of the the cables (with no sonic degradation), and voila, a custom fit that looks great, and I didn't even break a sweat. Of course there will be no need to remove them, they are here for good!
I purchsed a DCCA Musical Essence for my power amp that although stiff was more flexible than I anticipated. IMO: it's a very fine cable and I'm pleased with my purchase. I would recommend the DCCA PCs.
I purchased the EMINENCE power cable for my 500 watt Solid State power amp and the result was fantastic!Everything fell into place perfectly.....Superb build quality but be aware they can be a little stiff but otherwise great product indeed! Don is awesome to deal with as well.
Hello All, I have made some very positive changes in the sound and flexibilty of my cables these past few weeks. Adding to the flexibilty and improved sound over the original power cords. Couple of reviews as well by years end. Don DCCA Audio
I am using Extreme Reference power cords on my BAT VK-500 connection to my Krell KRC-HR and Source for the Krell SACD Standard. I found that my system really went to another level.
I recommend DCCA cables to anyone who is interested in a great sounding system. Don is extremely honest and helpful.
Have the EMINENCE & The SOURCE cables in my system and they are fantastic!!!! Made a big difference to my system.... and wont be selling or swapping these power cords thats for sure!