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"Best" of the "Universal" players ???.
Tbg, I was referring to blue ray being the best, for video, and cheap compared to anything else I have seen. 
"Best" of the "Universal" players ???.
I would suggest Playback Design player, and get a blueray, which just blows away the others. 
Blind Shoot-out in San Diego -- 5 CD Players
Pete, please make sure you have the Playback Designs player at the shootout, as you Know, I owned the 3.0GO, and sold it due to liking the playback design as well, if not, just a bit better. It also costs less than 50% OF the APL. On top of it, yo... 
APL NWO-2.5T A Review of a Classic CD Player
David, Congrat's on the 3.0, glad to hear your thoughts.my 3.0 unfortunately, will not be ready for a few more months, Alex is backlogged, and I am waiting impatiently for Brent to tell me it is time to ship back, for nthe upgrade. David Shapiro, ... 
PC-Audio vs. High-end CD Player-GAME OVER
David, I will be upgrading to the NWO 3.0GO in the near future, since I am in your area, let's get together, and play....then we BOTH could write some VALID comments. I happen to love the idea of computer based music, but, have not found "or heard... 
APL NWO-2.5T A Review of a Classic CD Player
John, Great review, mucho better than what I can. Guys, I have owned over 60 sources, with Alex's I have been so commited for the MAJOR fact, he is voracious in his commitment to creating THE finest in digital reproduction, at any cost. But, with ... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I will next week, I am impatiently waiting....ughhhh 
anyone compare Synergistic Tesla to Indra/Metacarb
I have to disagree, I have had the Indra and prefer the Telsa, Apex, for it's darker background, and musicality. My system has NEVER sounded better, since I switched. Synergistic is really on to something here. I also have there latest Tesla PC, a... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
Joeyboynj, all I can say so far is WOW, I am pretty frikin amazed by my enhanced musicality, and enjoyment. I even had a buddy over last night, Markr7 who told me my system is finally there, in his opinion. He liked the sound so much, he put an or... 
Synergistic Research Quattro multi supply ?'s
Leica_man, I sure hope you are correct, regarding the soundstage....I will know tomorrow(all apex)with QUATRO 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I just received my 1st Tesla PC, it frikin rocks. It betters, dominus(ferox,fluid),revelation VD, Stealth M5000, Epiphany, Alitheus(ridge street)2nd best on source.I bought Genesis to compare this weekend, we will see.I receive my Apex tomorrow to... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
Esoteric Mods
APL hifi, not a mod, just IMHO the best digital, regardless of $$$$ 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I am waiting for the Tesla, apex, IC, and Speaker wire, along with the Tesla absolute reference pc's. I will lwtcha all knw in the coming weeks. 
Best CD player money can buy ? MBL, Nagra, Naim?
I have owned over 60, and I am done....APL NWO 2.5T