Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month

I run an audiophile group in DFW, we call ourselves DFW audiophile club aka DFWAC.  

We have 6 core members who make it to every meet, we have 4-5 others who cycle in and out.

We just met and had a great time, we listened to a pair of Wilson Alexandria X2S2, Boulder 3060 amp, Boulder 2110 preamp, DCS Vivaldi full stack including DAC/upsampler/clock/transport, with dual JL Audio F113 subs, and full Transparent Magnum Opus speaker wire and interconnects and Tara Labs power cables.

We usually meet once a month or every other month, we usually meet on a Wednesday at 6p, then dinner at 8p, hang out until about 11p.

It's a great group, we have become friends. We have been meeting for about a year.

PM me if you want to join or show off your system.
Finally got to attend a meeting of the DFW audio club at Ed's place. Really had a great time meeting all the guys and Ed's system was totally insane. Learned so much from just chatting with everybody.
Thanks Joey for the invite.
Would anybody care to help an old analog lover set-up his gifts of digital?
Kids got me this stuff( head-amp,dac, digital to digital converter, Auralic streamer )
so I would slow down on the cd's and lp's...(not gonna happen this life!)
Would appreciate assistance and I am by Turtle Creek, Thanks all!

^ Jake nice gifts! I wish I could help, but much like you, I am out of my element on this one.
DFWAC Meet #10, 11/27/18

Meeting at Ralph's place in Plano, TX
6p audio
8p dinner at Meso Maya in Plano, TX

PM me if interested, we have about 10 going at this point.  

Alright, another successful meet. 

Next one will be a mini-meet, we are going to go to the Sasha DAW debut 12/13/18 at 730pm.  There will not be dinner as it is late.  
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Im in the DFW area and would love to attend the next meeting.  

Thanks for for putting me on the list!  



Hi Joey,

 Please add me to the list. Thanks for the references on audio stores in the area. Fingers crossed about moving! ;)


I am interested in joining this club.

Please provide upcoming club meeting details.

Used to be an International Jensen Inc. employee (engineer) during the 80's thru mid 90's. We made the magnets for Jensen/Advent/AR/NHT/Phase Linear Loudspeakers and other Loudspeaker companies.


Advent250, I'm sure Joey V will be contacting you shortly. I joined the DFW Club last year and I've listened to some amazing systems. What I really enjoy is sharing my passion with like-minded folks in a low stress environment.
Hope to see you at a meeting.
Jon S.


You are also looking at a person who owns such vintage receivers like the "silver face" Pioneer of the 70's and early 80's SX1250, SX3900, SX3800 to name a few.

Right now with so many pairs of speakers that are now 20-30 year of age, it's time for a restro-mod of the speakers beyond just recaps. Hopefully, using, SoundEasy and OmniMic will help lead the way to better speaker rebuilds.

So, how many club members rebuild their amps/preamps, receivers, and speakers? 

What type of format is the club? Any system presentations to club members?

Hello Kevin

I would say that we try to meet every other month, we usually meet at someone's place and listen for a couple hours and then go to dinner after so we can have a conversation. 

We don't have manufacturers present and it's not particularly formal. 

Just a fun time. 


Ok Joey,

Thanks for the info.

So when and where will the next club meeting be at?


Hello Kevin,

For the privacy of the members/host, we do  not post locations or address on the open forum.  

Interested parties will have to PM me or email me. 

Joey V

Interested parties will have to PM me or email me.

Where is the pm on this forum?


Your pm information/address does not show up on your profile on this forum.

I have posted my email information to you.

As of today, both July 22 and August 21 meets are booked to the brim. 

I will announce future meets later. 
The meet at Brian’s place was very nice! Impressive state of the art system and room at Brian’s place. It was cool to meet so many of you my first time attending. DFW has a good group of audiophiles. Looking forward to more meets in the future!!!

Are there any high end audio shows scheduled for the DFW area in the next couple months or next year?
Not sure about high end shows. 

Regarding meets, the holidays are usually very busy, our meet count typically goes down for the season. 

Lone Star Audio Fest will occur the first weekend of June, 2020 in Dallas at the Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central.  It's not a big show, but there is always some good gear there.


Next meeting is December 12, thursday. 

This would be meeting #16. 

PM me if interested. 

Club is definitely getting full. 

If you would like to showcase your set up, we can do that too.  I can set up the meet, you don't have to do anything but show off your system.  You don't even have to come to other meets if you're too busy.  Just let me know. 

Hi Joey,

Reaching out to connect with the group.  Moved to Southlake a couple of years ago.  Would be interested in meeting up at some point with everyone.

No response from the meeting organizer so far but I'd like to join for sure.  

I'm currently in McKinney
I believe I have responded to all my DM. 

DM me if not. 

We are meeting in February.  

Typically we meet every 2 months.