DAC around 1.000 Euro for streaming environment

I considering replacing my DAC which is a Musical Fidelity V-Dac 90.

What would be a good solution in the 1.000 - 1.500 Euro range (1.500 - 2.000 $)? 

I am only streaming and I use Tidal. 

My streamer is Innous Mini and I am using Roon. 

My Amp is Musical Fidelity Dual Mono A3.

Speakers are Buchardt S300. 

Thanks in advance.


RME ADI-2 DAC. This new product from the studio leader RME is so popular it has outsold all of its first 3 runs; RME can't produce enough. Functions as an ideal DAC/Pre with five options for refining the filters from Sharp to NOS.

Give this box a listen if you can find it. It is $999, half rack size, and so good it will blow your socks off.

Thanks, Craigl59,

Interesting. I can see that it is reviewed very well. I can get it Denmark. I see that it is also a pre-amp. I have an integrated amplifier now. Do you know, if that just would work together?

Yes it will but you will have to decide how much of the Integrated amp you wish to use; the best audio might result from just using the amplifier portion.
BTW, is the DAC now available in Europe or is it still backordered?
I would recommend you consider a Mytek Brooklyn DAC or the new Brooklyn DAC+.  The DAC+ model has an updated ESS chipset and a few other upgrades, but the differences in the sound quality are very minor.  You might be able to snag the original DAC used for a significant discount.
RME can be ordered from B&H right now for $999 with a 7-14 day estimated delivery time.
Thanks ejr1853 and kalali. I will look at the Brooklyn. I also have taken the Chord Qutest high on my list. 

Hey which dac you end up getting? I also look for a dac for my v281 amp. I have a hard time to decide between the ADI 2 DAC and the Chord Qutest. Thanks
If your not in the DSD or MQA camp, a Schitt multibit Gungnir will put a smile on your face.
Thanks @davide256 
@dbq5anlxj , I have not done anything yet, but my intend is to buy the Chord Qutest. I seems to be the good fit, a good product and has Roon, etc, etc.