DAB+ radio for the wifey?

My wife complaints that my hifi setup is too complex and that she does not like using an app for streaming. Well ....

So, I am looking for a DAB+ radio with presets, so it is simple to operate. Any good ideas? 

Ideally I would it to be able to do Internet Radio as well and also to do bluetooth. However, that seems to be a little difficult to combine with presets. 

TIBO 435 seems like a solution with presets, but no Internet Radio or bluetooth. 

Been looking at Hama, Sangean, VT radio and many others, but they do not come with Presets. 

Onkyo, Rotel has presets, but Bluetooth. 

Any suggestions that can help improve the inter-marriage relations are much appreciated. Thanks. 

Get her a smart speaker. Then she can just tell it to play what she wants.


Lots of smart speakers available, and some actually sound decent. Google Home Speakers can also play via Bluetooth. If you want to take it a step further, get a Chromecast Audio to connect to a system, then use a Google Home Mini to control it.

I have the Bluesound Pulse Mini portable speaker (mains powered)

Simple to use - plug it in - pick a preset internet station from your smartphone app - great sounding radio!

Buy a second unit - pair-it - and you have stereo anywhere

It also has manual controls on top for Pause/Play, Next/Previous track and Volume

Take it anywhere there is mains power - you get
+ Internet radio stations (from anywhere)
+ streaming services - currently 15 to choose from
+ Music from your phone via bluetooth
+ music from USB stick/device
+ music from a NAS drive (if you have it setup)

Altogether - I have
  • a Node 2 in my 2-channel audio system
  • a PowerNode2 as my A/V system on the TV (with sub) - no surround sound - but the stereo is very spacious and effective
  • a Pulse Mini for music in any other location I need it
  • One app controls all three
  • pair them up to play same content on 2 or more units
  • Ethernet or Wireless
  • Pre-set’s are very useful
  • play-lists are east to use
  • view music (on NAS or USB) by Artist, Album, Genre, Composers, folders and Favourites
There is a Windows/Apple app that makes setting up favourites, Playlists and Pre-sets very easy

It’s like the Sonos, but I liked the sound quality and interface better and the Node2 on my audio system provides superb sound quality when kitted out with great cables.

Software updates are a breeze to install

They changed my whole approach to digital music and sound better than the DAC I had previously and I haven’t looked for any other device since.

Best of all - "Wifey" can work any/all of them from her phone or tablet :-)

Hope that helps