Considering the New Tekton Design Encores? AND Owners Group - Experiences/Questions

I am the very happy owner of the first pair of New Tekton Design Encores and I thought I would create this thread to answer any questions anyone might have regarding the Encore speakers, room considerations, and associated equipment. If you’ve order your pair already, please chime in. I really want to hear what other people’s experience are with these unbelievable speakers.

I drive my Encores with both an Art Audio Diavolo SET 300b Tube Amplifier with 8wpc and I switch in my 700w Nord One-Up SE Monoblocks for non-critical listening and some big pieces of music that benefit from the extra power.

  • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339 with multiple new patents pending
  • Proprietary loudspeaker design
  • Ultra-linear frequency response with ±.5dB deviation from 70Hz-20kHz
  • One single crossover element placed within the tweeter path
  • Ultra-linear, entirely time-invariant minimum-phase mid-range section
  • Proprietary patent pending 15 dome radiating hybrid MTM high frequency array
  • Two 6.5" mid-bass patented ’overtone & harmonic’ transducers
  • Dual 11" low-frequency transducers
  • ​96dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm design for optimum performance
  • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response​
  • Dimensions Width 13.25" x Depth 15.25" x Height 62"
  • 800 Watt power handling
  • Weight 175 lbs​
@sedond I mistakenly stated that my listening position is higher than the tweeter, it is lower in fact. Silly me. Maybe the Rick Simpson Oil is clouding the clarity of my verbosity. Lol. 

To all Encore owners... What speaker cables are you using and are you using Tube or solid state power sources.

I have a pair of Encores and the last thing I need to complete my system is to see whether I stick with my 10 gauge OFC copper wire or venture on. I understand Eric recommends Mogami and a few others swear by Silversmith Fidelium.

I switch up powers sources between a Coda CSIB integrated and what I am currently using a Line Magnetic 845 Premium tube amp.

Trying to digest all these posts is difficult at best. So much information.Thanks though.

My issue is trying to decide on which to Order??? As a Rock and Roll person only. Pink Floyd, Rush, YES, AC/DC etc. MOAB with BE upgrade or Encore. Eric has stated that he would recommend MOAB with BE. Very Large Room, Wont go all into my system (digital Red book CD's and Qobuz) power,  Pass x250.8 most likely using class A power even at 90 db. Eric stated that the Encores are tilted towards classical, orchestral, etc where the MOAB's are more R&R oriented. He mentioned that he is working on a R&R Encore setup with different Woofers, that he would add. I will explore that conversation with him on Monday, tomorrow.   If anyone can help me with this decision, or at least make me smarter, more informed, please let me know. Very much appreciated. Robert TN

I'm looking for some guidance as I'm looking to get back into the hobby after taking a 3 year break. Encores are on my radar now since I really enjoyed the Tekton's DI speakers paired with a Line Magnetic LM508ia.

Knowing multiple subs (DBA) help smooth out room mode issues, and that Tekton offers an Encore monitor, does a monitor/multiple sub system stand a chance of competing with the full range Encore? On a related topic, would a full range Encore in a horizontal bi-amped configuration make sense (tubes on top, SS on bottom using miniDSP SHD digital crossover/Dirac Live)? As MC points out, is the more simple approach, a Raven Osprey with high passed mains in sub out mode that offloads the LF burden, the better KISS strategy? GR research has a high passed RCA connector, so most any lower watt tube amps could be relieved of reproducing the lowest frequencies is my guess. Dirac Live would probably help integrate with subs.

Tektons respond well to Parasound power for R&R, but I don't want to give up the tube driven midrange sound that comes with less power. Bi-amping or monitor encore/subs configs seem like an obvious path to explore.