considering a Burson Headphone amplifier DAC has someone listen to it

I considering the purchase of a Burson Conductor 3X/GT. My buddy ravines  about his Burson, however his does not have the DAC. The circuit layout look very well done.  The design revolved around there discrete opamps, that are surface mount components that plugs into a 8 pin opamp socket. The Burson can be used as a Preamp, Dac, Headphone with Balanced In and Out, USB and Bluetooth.  So the surface it looks great. It is designed to play all types of high impedance phones.

My knock is the external wall wart  24 vdc SMPS. 

Having said that, this is nice but how does it sound. My knock is the external wall wart  24 vdc SMPS.



I just look for folks that have listen to a Burson Headphone amp. I believe the 9038 dac have been well received as good depending on the implementations.

It have MUSES 72320 to control the volume!! with remote control.