Connecting Speaker Cables to Dynaco ST-70

My spade speaker cable connectors are large and without a lot of effort (which I do) the positive (non-ground) connector will touch both the 4 and 8 ohm taps on the Dynaco.  Will it hurt anything sound or equipment wise if the speaker connector touches both amp taps?
Thanks in advance.
I wouldn't allow that to happen, George.  You would be putting a zero ohm load across a significant fraction of the output transformer's secondary (output side) winding.  I would certainly expect that to affect sonics, and I wouldn't be surprised if it also resulted in damage, eventually if not sooner.

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-- Al
Thanks a million Al.  I will of course take your advice and ensure that only one tap is touching per side.  What a pain the large speaker connectors can be when working with older amps.  Live and learn. 
Search the following phrase on Ebay and you will find small spade to binding post/banana adaptors.

"Spade Banana Fork plug Mcintosh Amp Eico tube Adapters MC30 MC60 MC275"


Thanks to all for your comments.  After making some changes to my system I again used electric tape to ensure that the spades are not touching anything but the proper tap.  I was just hoping to not have to apply the tape to my amp again to cover the offending taps.

Thanks again dekay, I looked up the banana to spade adopters you mentioned.  The problem is not that I have banana connectors and need a banana to spades connector.  The problem is that the current connectors on my speaker cables are already spades that are so large that you cannot connect them to the small space on amplifier without it touching the taps on either side of the one you are connecting to.

I always installed Vampire or WBT five-ways on Dynaco tube amps. Simple to remove the existing terminal strips and use the same openings, without butchering/modifying the chassis at all. Insulate the unused x-former leads. MUCH better connection than original and easily reversed, if desired.

The adaptors have a screw down binding post that also accepts bananas.

Notice the threads and nut in the ad pics.


H DeKay,

Now I see what you are referring to.  I will be purchasing them.



Jetter, I did not mean to through you off by mentioning that I used these adaptors for bananas. I knew they could be used for bananas, spades, or bare wires. Sorry. I also used these for older speakers with small screw terminals.

Mesch, not to worry, I had looked at the pictures showing them and came to my erroneous conclusion all on my own.  Very happy to see they exist and I will be ordering them when I get home.