Compatible Speakers for a Coda

I have a Coda CSiB integrated that currently runs my pair of Revel F52 and SVS SB Ultra-13 Sub.

I want to upgrade my speakers and I'm looking for ones that are a good match with Coda. It is configured to put out 400 watts at 8 ohms and twice that at 4 ohms.

Was looking at the Legacy Focus SE or XD. They are supposed to be a good match with Coda. I do want to give a higher efficiency speaker a go. 

So what other speakers in the $10,000 to $15,000 original price range would match well with the Coda Products?

I'll be buying used.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and suggestions.

The Paradigm Persona line would match well with the CODA. The Persona's Beryllium tweeter and midrange drivers would be nicely served by the warm CODA.
My Coda, a different model but same power specs, has played well with everything. It runs class A for 12 watts and a high sensitivity speaker will likely always stay within that envelope at sane volumes. With peak current of 150 a it's hard to imagine a speaker it can't handle. Using a passive pre it outdoes the tube amps I have with my Klipsch Quartets. It has the grunt to slam the bass. I've used VMPS, Pinnacle, Martin Logan and others to great effect.
Coda is a hugely under rated manufacturer whose speaker suggestion I would trust. Their products provide astonishing current delivery which should make mismatching almost a non issue. Finding a presentation to your satisfaction will be your task.

As an audio hack I couldn't discern speaker differences in unfamilure environments. I had three pairs in the house at the same time for audition. Even my family found these to be stunningly superior and I/we haven't looked back, but that's me. 

Have fun with your search.