Cleaning CD player

A generous member recently gave me a Rotel CD player to help me out trying to build up my system.

The player has worked fine for the past couple weeks but is now starting to skip a little.

In the past I've used the CD's with the small bruches on them to clean but am not sure if that is an acceptable method on higher end equipment.

Could smeone please advise?

It may be that it is just a bit more sensative to vibrations..I would make sure you have this unit on a stable foundation..I would consider Audiopoints underneath ...These work great on cd players........
Open the hood and clean laser with Q tip and with a little window cleaner sprayed on it, or other cleaner of your choice.
I doubt the cleaners with the brushes would do any harm and might be a simple fix.

If that doesn't work you usually can get to the laser lens by taking the cover off the player. Unplug it first. If you look at the transport you should be able to see the lens, it will look like a small curved glass eye facing upward. Sometimes it will be hidden under part of the transport but you might be able to expose it by plugging the power cord back in, hitting 'Open' and then quickly unplugging the cable with the tray still in the out position.

If you have access to the lens, first try blowing any dust off with canned air. If that doesn't work, a Q-tip lightly moistened with rubbing alcohol or plain water and applied very gently should do the trick.
My suggestion, inspect the skipping CDs first, may not be the CDP. I've had several CDs skip especially toward the end. Upon inspection there was some grunge toward the outer edge of the CD. A little cleaning with Shinola fixed the problem.
Thanks for the responses. I ran the little CD with the brush and the skipping has gone away. I think I'll hit it with compressed air on a weekly basis to keep out the dust.

I have not turned the amp up past 25% so I don't think I'm getting any vibrations. The Tannoys at 25% (100 wpc) put out plenty of great sounding music.

Again, thank you for your help