Classe Cap 151 & Magnaplanar 2.7QR

Hi! could someone suggest cables for aClasse CAP 151 integrated amp and the Magnaplanar 2.7QR speakers.I'm currently using MIT Terminator 2 interconnects and cables.I find that the highs are just not there
Hi Carlyle, If you need highs then go with Silver wires. Try Audiotruth Lapis or diamond. However, the problem could also be your amp too. The wire between your souce and preamp will make a bigger difference. MITs are just like Monster cables... AV usage ONLY unless you go for their high end cables which are designed for larger cone type of speakers. MITs are not neutral and it's good if you are looking for more bass
I agree - Silver brings out the highs but can be somewhat aggressive. See if you can borrow from a dealer or at least get a 30 day return policy. Good luck
I also recommend silver...if you cannot afford the Audio Truth, there are a number of people making silver interconnects and speaker cables that advertise on the internet (ie. "no name brand"). You may want to try one of the ribbon cables like Goertz or Flatline. My experience with them is similar to silver...very aggessive on the top end but without the detail of silver. Also, try to borrow a Bryston power amp either a 3B-ST or a 4B-ST to eliminate the possibility of Classe integrated being the problem.