CJ Iron Vintage question

I have lately been smitten with Vintage tube amps like Eicos and H.H Scotts of the 50's and 60's.

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if the iron in older CJ gear is as good as these vintage treasures? CJ MV-? (el34 based amps)

I own a CJ Premier 11a. I've replaced this with a custom Sam's Audio Labs Eico ST-40 that blows it away! I also had partnered the CJ with a BAT VK-5i preamp. The pairing cannot hold a candle to Sam's integrated amp and they have been retired.

My Eico is for the most part just an Eico chassis and the irons are from an original Dynaco ST-70. Everything is custom and Sam's own circuitry. Sam takes the old classics, rebuilds them, and makes them audiophile.

Sam builds a signature Eico amp with EL34s.

I will tell you that I'm somewhat affiliated with Sam, both as a very happy customer and as a potential distributor. I don't know if anything will actually transpire, but my point here is to suggest to you what I think about this man's work.

Anyway, if you would like to explore this further, Sam's partner Steve can be reached at 1-514-880-3587.
Thanks, I have a pair of Eico hf-22 monoblock amps that are stock, and I can tell you they blow away every other amp I have owned in terms of dynamics and musicality. I have since then been curios about vintage and bought a recapped H.H Scott 222D integrated.....again this amp blows everything else I've had away, they say it is mainly due to the vintage iron. I would never had guessed I would be running amps older than me(now 45) because newer tech is better right?

Well that's a joke...

I'm glad you like your franken Eico, sounds like your man knows what he's doing,and you know what I'm talking about.
If you get a chance, check out Sam's website! He has been building tube amps since he was 16 in 1958. He makes the old classics sound even better.


There's also a master builder named Jim Nicholls who does something similar. I have one of his hand-made el-34 amps, but this one is built from scratch.
While those vintage amps give you dynamics and musicality, how do they compare with ARC or current amps in regard to soundstage.
Here's a link to the full process of Sam's work and a review I did some time ago. This is the amp he built for me that replaced my BAT VK-5i/CJ Premier 11a combo.

Remember, that I am somewhat affiliated with Sam and Steve at this time, but I am biased to Sam's amps as a customer.