Chicago, Illinois

Wow, no audiophiles clubs in this beautiful city????
Old Shaggy Dog here in Chi Town looking for anyone who
would like to compare and share our systems. I make
no judgements and am not hard to please. Show off your
discoveries to us. Just post me.
I'm interested in starting something in Chicago also. I'd been thinking about using meet-up to do this. This forum is probably a better place to start.
I live in Andersonville and have just upgraded my amp and cdp to high quality this year. Everybody can bombard me with their speaker opinions since that's coming next.
Okay, Dave rosenblum. Nice to meet you. Don't live
very far from you. Own Avantgarde Duo speakers with
SET tube amps. Joyful sound but decor hogs. Demand
your attention. If music is your thing, let the hogs
prevail, anyway. You are welcome to audition. Meet
you first for coffee? Me.
Yeah, coffee sometime next week would be great. Not clear on how we communicate private details through Agon.


PS: You can see my system posted here. Not close to your setup yet.
Respecting the AudiogoN concerns to protect all, I wish
to propose that we meet for discussions at a convenient
coffee house. Please suggest a place in Andersonville.
Evening hours. Contact me at
ok, how about the Starbucks at 5300 N. Clark. It's easy to find and Kopi never has enough seating. Maybe we can do a future meeting at Simons.
What do you (anybody reading this) think about publicizing outside of Audiogon to get a metro Chicago thing going? Premature?
Follow up to Dave-rosenblum. Starbucks in Anderson-
ville good. Monday at 7:00PM?, 8:00PM?,. How's
Wed. same times? I'll wear a yellow rose in my hair.
I think it is ok to contact me personally at my email
address as given, Dave. Say date and time. BGordon829.
Let's say Monday at 7:00pm. I'm posting here so other readers can show up if they like. I'll be the one with the current copy of TAS.
I did post something on stereophile's forum (under rants) but didn't give any details.
Hey guys I haven't seen much activity on this forum in the past year or so... So I thought I would invite you to join us in Dayton Ohio for a listening session we are having

We will have reps from Magico and Boulder for all of your technical questions and to learn about why they build there products the way they do!

Also we will have refreshments and food so that you can enjoy a nice cool (We will keep the A/C blasted!) and comfortable environment. For a list of products please check out the Cincinnati audiophile club.

We usually have great turn out so please don't be afraid to come! The drive is mostly highway and fairly simple to get too. If you would like to come please RSVP by calling 937.293.6200 or email me at

If there is a better way of spreading the word to the Chicago area let me know!
I tried joining a meetup club located in elgin but so far not looking good. I suggested to a local stereo shop they sponsor a club 1 night a week to possibly improve interest but no luck there either, I think all the interest is going towards HT these days.
Hey, Eric here I’m in Algonquin and have a product  a tube preamplifier that I want to get out there and let you hear. Here’s the webpage:
Don’t know if anyone is interested but I can bring it to you or we can workout meeting at my place. Also a good club in Chicago is Chicago Audio society going to try and setup a couple of different nights with them also.
Pardon my jumping in. I started the Chicago Audio Society in '94 and ran it for close to ten years until I started my own home based audio dealership. I closed the business a year ago and joined MD soon afterward. I'm a kid in a candy store every day managing the showroom (two sound rooms so far) among other duties including being the analog setup geek doing all the ultimate cartridge alignments by computer.

So here's a friendly invite to those interested to come for a visit and check us out. Most of our business is obviously online and phone orders, but the sound rooms are something new and exciting. There's gear in them you won't necessarily see on our website or in our catalog. And for you serious coffee drinkers I hear good things from a colleague about The Coffee Studio over on Clark St.

Brian Walsh
Music Direct
Hey Chicago,

Here is a heads up for Music Direct and Brian’s setup skill with the computer aid.

Have been a longtime customer of MD and bought a Kuzma TT from Brian at Axpona 2016. The setup is still great.

For the New Year; With the help of-another A’goner, We’ve setup a Chicago Area Garage Sale For January 27th. For Chicago guys to help sell old gear and maybe find gear that they have lusted for. Come and check us out at Ryan’s pub in Forrest Park on the 27th.

The best to All and have a great and safe New Year.
Hey Guys,

 I too would like to meet other Chicago audiophiles. My system is posted and if you contact me via PM which you can do on A’Gon; I will respond and trade email and phone # privately.

Was born and raised northside Chicagoan but now live 6900 S LSD.

Mature hippy, that plays 60s, 70s, 80s rock and various other stuff.

Would certainly like to hear other Systems ( tube, horn, ESL ) that are setup and played/demo better than our local dealers do.

Yes, and some new music.

Reach Out and PM me. I will respond.

Happy New Year to Chicago 

Best to All
Hey Chuck, we’re neighbors. I’m on the north side of Armstrong park, currently using a pair of dsp 8000’s I upgraded to se recently. Summers over and schedule is settled down. What do you like to listen to?
Good evening everyone.  I see I missed the most recent outing. When and where will the next event be?
Any south suburbs of Chicago people out there?

   Like most music,  Modest setup. I’m a good guy, reliable, honest, hard working family dude,......HAAHAHAHAHA. wow, feels like I’m on a dating page..

 been 2 years since anyone messaged in here. Probably won’t get a reply. 

@sandrodg73 ,

Looks like you are really lonely and frustrated today. Maybe put on some nice music and enjoy.

I am looking to set up a small group of people wanting to get together and listen and socialize. I am looking in the NE Illinois/SE Wisconsin area. DM me if interested and we can meet ahead, say for coffee to chat and talk about how to do this.

I used to belong to CAS, but I never get any emails, complained to the people in charge constantly, I even held an event at my house with them. The only email I ever get is you owe your dues. I am done with them.

Hey all you going to Axpona 2024-

Come by the Expo Hall Booth 9400

and enter to Win a First Watt F7 Amp!

Learn about a new Nationwide Audiophile

group ready to make some waves!!


Chiming in -
Folks interested in audio and maybe not so enthused about CAS can contact botrytis (see his post above) or myself to see if there is interest in getting together. Location isn't so important to me, but enthusiasm and people feeling welcome is.

Brian Walsh

sevenseventhree eightohnine fourfourthreefour

I drive all over the Chicago area as my parents live in Lemont. I can get around.

Let me know people about getting together -I am more of a chill and relaxed person.


sevenonetwo sevennineoh seventwothreeeight

Thanks Dave,
I just sent a text to a few friends who are connected with a lot of others and might be inclined to help get things rolling, fun to be around.


sevenseventhree eightohnine fourfourthreefour
voice or text

It will be a chat, listen, maybe eat and drink affair. 

You have been to my place. So you know, we enjoy people chatting and enjoying themselves. I will make sure my friend, who was at the Christmas get together will not be there. 


Over the weekend of Memorial Day a few of us got together to discuss ideas for a club in the area. I just sent out a follow up email to everyone and a few who couldn't make it but expressed interest.

So there may be some hope for an informal group to get together occasionally. No dues, no formal organization, just listen, share, learn, and socialize. Emphasis on music and fun.

Stay tuned. Send me a PM if this sounds interesting to you.