CD stuck in Player---Help---Bebel Gilberto

I'm not really having any technical problems, the CD is stuck in my player is by choice-----I am completely hooked on Bebel Gilberto, her newer self titled release, very sexy sultry cool vocal

Check her out!
To keep this going I remember Dark SOM that puppy got stuck for ages, then when the WALL came out--same, same -- The The Roger Waters Amused To Death got stuck for months and months;yep,that long.
Wazzup all!

As good as her new one is, her debut record, 'tanto tempo(?)' is that much better, check it out!
Tante Tempo is indeed a great CD. I thought the new one didn't measure up...until it got stuck in my CD player one night. Now, I'd say it's a toss up between the two. I would steer people clear of the Tante Tempo Remixes disc though.
Same here: Bebel's self titled. I think I got via HD Tracks. It's incredibly good. I play it 2x/week or more.