Cary 308T CD player Level Adjust.

I have a Cary 308T and use the tubed output stage on maximum pot level. It goes to my Rotel RC-1090 preamp which I use to do the volume adjustments.

My question is do you think I should set the Cary level to Max or less and a higher setting from pre amp?

I'll decide using my ears, but was wondering what others thoughts are.
I have the same capability with my Cary 303/200. As a convenience, I have set it where the output level is roughly the same as from my SACD player which has no additional volume control. It is near the max on the Cary but a bit lower. In my system, I didn't detect any difference between the current level and using the max level. Bob
Thanks for the response Willobandb. That confirmed what I noticed. If I turn the volume to max it tends to sound a bit bright. Whereas, if I back it off just a bit shy of max it sounds smoother and doesn't kill the detail.
Robm321, When I had a 308-T, I kept it at about 32. I found, like you, it was a little brighter. Also, Kevin at Upscale said that keeping it a little below the maximum would prolong the life of the tubes.

Good point about the tube life. I just wanted to double check the setting you mentioned. The level I have goes up to 64 - you kept it at 32 -- you had yours at 50%? Did you lose any detail?

I should have been more specific. That was the level that allowed me to keep my preamp at 12:00. I then used the Carys volume control to adjust the level (no remote on my preamp). My usual listening was from 50 to 60. I left it on all the time since it took a while to warm up.
That makes sense. I have noticed a much smoother sound, yet still keeping the detail at around 56. So I'm not completely crazy after all. haha.

Thanks for the input!
I tried the stock Jan tubes, some new Siemens, some new Mullard CVs. However, my favorite tubes were old, cyoed Amperex. What are you using?
I'm using Mullards. They sound smooth to me, but I haven't tried any others. I will have to get a hold of some Amperex to try out.