Cary 300B or Cary 2a3?

Hi All,
I own and love Cary 300B Sig Monos. I've always been curious about 2a3 amps and may have a chance for a straight trade for a pair of Cary 2a3 monos. Would this be a good move? My speakers are Alon Lotus SE MKIII's, with an alnico midrange and a 14 ohm woofer.
i just bought a sun audio SV2a3 from an audiogon member. I used to own a 300 sei and which one do I prefer? the 2a3.if it will match your speakers, try it. it does not have to be a sun audio.
did you do the trade? i am facing the same dilema right now and very confuse..actually my option is reversing your problem..i ll be going from cary 2a3 to cary 300B...good move or not? my speaker is the avantgarde
Ttrhp, the 300SEs will sound great with your Unos - I am using those amps with my Duo 3.2s. Be sure to try Sophia mesh plate 300Bs, better than the Western Electrrics in my system.

Have not heard the 2A3 w/the Duos, so can't say the 300B amps will be "better", but the extra power may come in handy.
All things being equal the 300b units should have a bit better low end response than a 2a3 based amp. Stick with the additional power; it only goes one way. You can never have too much but it is quite easy to NOT have enough.