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MR71 Tube Tuner alignment
Well, back from Audio Classics with Modafferi mod. done. And great job! Love the tuner now. 
MR71 Tube Tuner alignment
thanks! I think I will send it to Audio Classics for the Modafferi Mod. 
OPPO 83 and Benchmark DAC 1
I think I will get Benchmark DAC1. What is the best way to connect Oppo 83 to DAC1 to my MFA Magus (stereo preamp with RCA inputs only)? Mjcmt: what kind of cables and namebrand would you recommend?Secondly, does it mean that my SACD playing on Op... 
OPPO 83 and Benchmark DAC 1
Oppo 83 is only a $500 player, I would not expect it to perform anything above that. Its video is excellent, for that price, esp. bluray. Its SACD is very good, but its CD is below average (again, within that price expectation). My question is whe... 
Oppo 83 transport and DAC
Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. But now I am a bit confused on one issue, that if I need to upgrade the audio quality of my OPPO 83, the area needs improvement is not 83's DAC, but its analog section? If it is analog section, then mo... 
Cary Cinema 11 vs Anthem D2
I like Cary better than Anthem. 
Tube Amp recommendation
Sun Audio 2A3 used for less than USD1000, I hope. Then CD player or Ipod direct in to Sun Audio driving Fostex. Good luck. 
Merry Christmas Everyone
Blessed Christmas and Wonderful New Year to all Audiogoners and the Audiogon staff! I have benefited so much in my music listening because of people like you. Many more years to come ... I am sure. 
Getting SET
Try Sun Audio 2a3. 
how good is the sun audio sv2a3
Just want to update that after trying so many pairs of amp, I really like Sun Audio 2a3, with NOS RCA tubes. They are VERY good. 
Which is the better Subwoofer?
I used the Veloydyne before and liked it very much. I have not tried the Supercube. 
What are the Best Sounding FM Tuners
I tried so many tubed FM tuners, and I settle with MR 71. Some say the later Mcintosh digital tuners are better, probably true in terms of precise reception, but I like the tube sound of MR 71. 
What music would you like at your funeral?
Do I Have A Choice? 
best indoor antenna for FM reception?
I use the Fanfare 2 (similar to ST-2 which I used to have) and notice placed outside is much better than used inside my home. I am in Chicago suburb. 
Cary SLP 98 Tubes
It looks like your amp takes common tubes: 4 ea - 6SN7 Line Stage; 2 ea - 12AX7 Phono Stage; 2 ea - 12AU7 Phono buffer. Does your manual say differently? Try either Sylvania or RCA, NOS 6sn7; and Telefunken NOS 12Ax7 and 12Au7.