Can You Hear Ila Schloss in Bob James'...

Lotus Leaves from the album Restless?

See how good your rig is.
At about 3:42 there was a slight whisper, then at around 4:30 it became more prevalent.
hi doug:

assuming you are serious, and not kidding, highlighting one aspect of the performance of a stereo system as indicative of its sonic quality is arbitrary.

if you wish to find out what stereo systems are sufficiently revealing to produce an audible signal from the "restless" cd, why not ask for a list of the components capable of eliciting the particular information which is the subject of the thread?
perhaps we can all learn something.

there is another variable you are overlooking--human hearing. perhaps the this cd is a test of perception and resolution of a stereo system.
Mrtennis, perhaps I need to indicate with an "S" or "K" whether I'm serious or kidding, since you seem to have problems knowing. :(

An ad hoc list of gear/systems is fairly fruitless in this instance, which is why I didn't suggest it.

I didn't mention hearing loss, though most serious audiophiles are aware of that variable. I thought it would be interesting to see if it came up in discussion of the testing.