Can I use Vandersteen 2Wq or 2W with an Arcam 200


I have an Arcam 200 receiver, 2CE fronts, VCC1 center and VLR -1s as surround.

Right now use a Hsu VTF 2 as sub, but would like to go to Vandy subs

The AVR200 does have pre-outs and main ins (I think so anyways) and wanted to know if I can use a non V2W sub with this setup


I believe that all current Vandy subs work on the same principle; they should be set up identically as regards the connections to source.

Since the design of the X-2 crossover is such that it's supposed to be inserted in line BETWEEN the preamp and power amp, I'd be cautious not to simply stick it on the end the chain, after the receiver.
However, I believe that if you were to use the preamp outs on the receiver, and obtain a separate power amp, it should work. It would then be properly placed inbetween receiver's pre outs and amp.
Obtaining a power amp would do you well; it would improve your sound of the main speakers (the Arcam would make a fine preamp), and it would allow you to add the Vandy sub or even two.

For further details I'm sure Vandersteen's company would be happy to answer questions.