Calling Owners of Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 8 XLR

Did you compare the Silver Eclipse 8 XLR to the Platinum Eclipse 8 XLR? What would be the differences? I currently have the Silver Eclipse 8 XLR in my system and it sounds splendid. Almost perfect, but I'm wondering.


From what I heard between the Eclipse 8 and Silver Eclipse 8 and taking in to consideration your recent inquiry , I would give the Platinum a try it just may put your cable quest to rest for a while. How are the Silver's settling in ?,

Thanks. It's very good. I believe it's fully broken in at this point but the new Furutech DPS4.1 / FI-50 NCF (R) mains power cable which I got about two weeks ago is still in the process of breaking in. There were ups and downs but it's sounding a lot better now. Everything matters with cables, including the connectors of power cords!



I am looking forward in reading more about Acrolink v. Furutech v. Wireworld cables/cords in your System.  Season's Greetings!


Happy Listening!

Hi Jafant, I wrote a long post just to lose it and now I’ve to type it all over again. I’ll make it short this time. The Furutech DPS4.1/FI-50 NCF (R) mains power cable really changes everything. When combined with the existing Acrolink power cords, all the weaknesses of the Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo XLR seems to have gone now, and it's sounding very good at the moment.

I will need more time to evaluate the Acrolink 8N-A2080III and Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 XLR but currently the Acrolink seems to sound slightly better than the Wireworld. The warm and muffled sound of the Acrolink XLR has gone after the introduction of the Furutech DPS4.1 mains power cable. In brief summary the Acrolink sounds weightier with better tone while the Wireworld sounds slightly tinny and lean in comparison.

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Thank You for the follow up to my query. Keep listening and researching. Looking forward to the next update.


Season's Greetings and Happy Listening!

I have 2 Systems in my home, and I am Running Silver Eclipse 8 cables on both. I recently added the Silver eclipse 8 speaker cables to my main system. I believe I have reached my cable end game if you will. My Audio dealer told me that the gains would be minimal to the next gold series.